Advantages of buying property in Dubai

Advantages of buying property in Dubai

Advantages of buying property in Dubai

Advantages of buying property in Dubai
Advantages of buying property in Dubai

If you intend to start a business and invest in the UAE, buying a property in Dubai will be one of the attractive options. Buying a house in Dubai is easily possible with the approval of the Freehold Law 2020. With the approval of this law, applicants can buy, sell and rent houses in Dubai without complicated conditions and rules. However, if you intend to buy a property in Dubai, you should check its complications.

The significant growth of the economy and business in Dubai has been such that this city is considered one of the best cities for investment. In addition, the extraordinary facilities of the city of Dubai make immigration and residence in this city to be in great demand.

 Introducing the city of Dubai

As the bride of the cities of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is one of the most modern cities in terms of structure and facilities. Having the most exciting tourist attractions in the Middle East, this city has always attracted many immigrants and tourists. Due to the hot weather that this city has, traveling to Dubai is usually not recommended during the summer season.

Dubai city

It is interesting to know that the income of the city of Dubai is only 6% from oil. Benefiting from the tourism industry with its hotels and recreational facilities, this city has been recognized as one of the richest cities in the world.

Every year, many tourists from our country request to travel to this beautiful city. Staying in luxury hotels and expensive towers and providing modern facilities tempts everyone to travel to this city. Dubai is one of the top 30 investment cities to buy property.

The UAE has seven emirate cities. However, Dubai, as the most important city, has attracted special attention. The capital of the UAE is Abu Dhabi. However, Dubai is considered the commercial capital of this country. Dubai is known as the most populous city in the UAE. These conditions have made buying property in Dubai one of the most attractive investment methods in this country.

Advantages of buying property in Dubai

Buying a house in Dubai can have special benefits for real estate investors. Due to its very high economic balance, this city can be the best option for investment.

The economic growth in Dubai has increased sharply. Buying a property in Dubai can keep our capital level high due to its proper business policies. In addition, buying a house in Dubai will have other advantages, which include:

investing in the second safest region in the world, very good interest rate between 7 and 10 percent for renting the property, The possibility of investing in the most advanced city of the Middle East with global structures, Very high quality of life and available facilities, Having the lowest crime rate in the region and one of the safest cities in the world, There will be no income tax for the investor, visa-free travel to more than 120 countries, High speed in economic growth and continuous innovation in this city, a property purchase visa

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Buying a house in Dubai and getting a residence

One of the advantages that buying a property in Dubai will have for us is the benefit of a visa and residence in this city. In fact, the biggest advantage of buying real estate that many people are looking for is the granting of a visa after buying a house in Dubai.

After buying a property in Dubai, you can apply for a residence visa in the UAE and Dubai city. This visa can be extended for 2 years, and as long as you are the owner of that property, you must travel to this country at least once every 6 months. In order for you to obtain a visa through the purchase of property in Dubai, you must meet the conditions. One of these requirements will be meeting the minimum amount of your assets. The minimum price of the property purchased by you must be one million dirhams. The property purchased by you should not be mortgaged. To get an investment visa, you can go to the Dubai Municipal Office and submit your request.

The best neighborhoods in Dubai to buy property

If you intend to buy a property in Dubai, it is better to be familiar with its important areas. Sufficient research will help you to own a house in the best area of Dubai. First, you need to determine your investment goal. Choosing the best area in Dubai will depend on the amount of your investment. However, we will tell you the important areas that can be attractive for investment.

The first and most important area in Dubai is Burj Khalifa. This tower is located in the center of Dubai as one of the tallest towers in the world. The high price of the property in this tower can be an important investment for you.

The best neighborhoods in Dubai

In addition, the city center of Dubai will be among the most expensive areas to buy a house with special areas. Dubai Mall, one of the largest markets in the world, is also located here. We remind you that investing in this area will be the most expensive investment.

Zoning for investing in the purchase of property in the UAE and Dubai can be an investment in popular projects under construction. Projects such as Burj vista and Lofts, as well as Act one, are among these popular projects.

As a business center, the Business Bay area has shops and commercial centers and expensive restaurants. This area will have lower property prices than downtown Dubai. Large projects like Opus and Sterling are located in this area.

Pearl of Dubai

You must have heard the name of “Pearl of Dubai”. This area has the highest demand statistics for buying houses and properties. If you are looking for a high return on your home purchase, choose this area for investment.
However, pre-buying an apartment in Dubai in any area can be attractive.

In the waters of Jumeirah and 5 km from it is the Dubai Palm. Buying property in this area can also be very profitable for you.
Rules, conditions and documents required to buy a house in Dubai If you intend to buy a property in Dubai, you must accept the conditions.

Although the legal situation of buying and selling houses in Dubai has become easier in 2020, there are still rules for this practice. First, you must pay at least one million dirhams for investment.
You must purchase a property that has been foreclosed on. It is not possible for applicants to pre-purchase the property.
Of course, you can get your residence by pre-purchasing apartments in Dubai and projects that give you documents. Price per meter of houses and apartments in Dubai Surveys show that the price per square meter of a house in Dubai is very reasonable compared to other major cities in the world.

The average price per square meter of land in Dubai

The average price per square meter of land in Dubai is $468. Comparing this figure to $3,208 per square meter of land in London shows a safe investment. In fact, the price of buying an apartment in Dubai varies according to different areas.
The type of structure, whether it is an apartment or a villa, will also influence the price of buying a house in Dubai. Important points about buying property in Dubai Identify the ideal places to buy a home and property To get a visa, the purchased property should not be mortgaged The minimum amount of property to receive a visa is one million dirhams Buy houses from reputable companies.

It will be possible to get residence for the family only after 2 years By buying a house in Dubai, you will not get a passport, but a 2-3 year visa If you are planning to buy a house in UAE and Dubai city, it is better to have enough information about investment conditions.

To do this investment method, it is better to consult a reliable real estate agent. AKT consultants can help you make a safe investment by knowing the investment conditions well.

We will help you to buy the best and most suitable property for you. Contact our consultants to get the necessary guidance for buying a house and property in Dubai. As one of the biggest companies in Iran and the UAE, AKT provides all home buying services in the UAE.

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